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Jason Brown

The business

7Gate Design provides website development and is set to introduce an innovative click-and-collect service called Goodsmarket.

From Pizza Express to 7Gate Design

Jason’s passion for web development led him to partner with a friend and begin freelance work while studying for his masters. Attracting clients such as the Pizza Express founder Luke Johnson and the Independent, Jason realised he could create a startup and 7Gate Design was born.

Needing a loan to develop their idea they approached the Bright Ideas Trust after a recommendation from a client.

“We’ve had fantastic support from Bright Ideas Trust and have received funding with no issues. Since then, David has guided through all of our business decisions, with the overall support being efficient and very welcome.”

Common problems

Like most new startups Jason has come across the same problem that all entrepreneurs aim to overcome.

“The biggest challenge, and one that we are still facing, is achieving scalability. In order to employ new developers we need to produce much more than we earn per developer. At the moment we use freelancers but there will come a time when we will have too much work to handle without having regular developers”.

Expanding into Asia

With Jason having studied in China he hopes to attract more clients from that part of the world, one day opening an office in Hong Kong or the mainland.

My tips…

  • Be ready to persevere – it’s tough but worth it!
  • Always be prepared to realign your strategy if things aren’t working.
  • Remember to have a work-life balance


What have you got left to lose?

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