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The Bright Ideas Club is for like-minded people, based on the principles of reciprocity and fun for entrepreneurs.

Mentoring is at the core of the club’s proposition, promoting empowering adult-to-adult relationships in which both mentors and mentees benefit and contribute.

The club runs regular events in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, providing opportunities for members to meet and mix with like-minded people as well as learning from each other.

Meetings provide a structure in which individuals can network, connect with each other and share and solve business problems.  Guest speakers or an expert panel at each meeting discuss a range of business issues.

Club activities are also delivered remotely through technology, with webinars, curated content, mentor matching, discussion forums and signposting to useful resources, along with access to a diverse network of consultants and support.

The next Bright Ideas Club will take place on Tuesday, 28 November 2017, at Mintel House, 4 Playhouse Yard, London, EC4V 5EX, starting at 6.15 pm.

Registration for the event will open on 31st October via Eventbrite.

How can you get involved?

As a not-for-profit charitable initiative we are always looking for supporters to help us to develop Bright Ideas Club.

Become a headline supporter

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Please contact us to get involved.

For those of you who were unable to attend our last meeting, here’s a glimpse of what sometimes happens at them!


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