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Ana Maria Bufnila


The business

Ana Maria Bufnila is a brand that creates handcrafted bridal accessories, jewellery and distinctive headpieces.

Award-winning designs

Ana Maria was initially a consultant in the wedding industry, with this experience giving her an insight as to what brides-to-be wanted. She soon developed a passion for making jewellery, with her winning awards in the process.

“I entered the Fire Mountain Gems 2010 competition winning a Silver Medal, and featured in the Fashion Spotlight Spring/Summer 2011 in bridal wear.”

Taking the idea more seriously

Having proven her ability to create distinctive products – which incorporate pearls, opalescent crystals and pastels – Ana Maria focused on becoming a leader in the bridal accessories market by starting a business.

“Zoe Brown, a Business Manager at Bright Ideas Trust, initially introduced me to the organisation. She’s guided me since I applied and helped me identify new opportunities, build up my confidence and realise what I can achieve. As a result, I received my Start Up Loan in August 2013”.


Walking a tightrope

As a self-described “fighter and hard worker who is prepared to go the extra mile,” Ana Maria still faces obstacles like her fellow entrepreneurs.

“The biggest challenge is to keep a good balance between business and family. I’ve made mistakes and learnt from them, making sure not to repeat them as they are part of the learning process.”

My tips…

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  • Create a realistic schedule.
  • Always be confident in what you’re doing.


What have you got left to lose?

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