White Knot

Sarah decided to start her wedding stationery design and supply business after working for a few years in the graphic design industry. She turned a hobby, something she used to enjoy doing for friends, into a proper business.


Kigu case study

Tom and Nick started a business to import and sell animal onesies while they were at university. Initial success on campus led to them applying to Bright Ideas Trust for help to set the business up on a more formal basis.


Rent a cleaner case study image

Shawn left school at 16 and had followed a number of career paths when he began working for two London property letting agencies. He noticed that tenants often asked where they could find reliable cleaners, as well as the agencies themselves struggling to find good quality cleaning services between lets and for their fleet of cars.

Visit the Rent-a-Cleaner website

Cullens case study image
After leaving home at 16 and suffering three redundancies, Derrick decided to try running his own business. Having worked with a house clearance firm, he could see an opening, and asked Bright Ideas Trust to fund a van. We showed him how to write a business plan and advised him to hire, rather than buy, until he found out if there was enough work. 


sope2Dope Boy Fresh is a London based life style brand that infuses and translates the modern UK urban street culture to create bespoke items of clothing amongst other products. Daryl came up with his brand name through the Jay Z song ‘Jockin’ Jay Z’ in which he raps ‘I’m so dope boy fresh’.

Skin and TOnic
Skin and Tonic Heathrow is a beauty salon based in Heathrow which offers affordable treatments which include manicures, pedicures, tanning, hair removal and massages. Before approaching Bright Ideas Trust, Siobhan had managed to acquire some space within a busy health centre.

Naomi spent an entire year creating and developing her business plan before deciding to put that plan into action by applying for funding. She creates bespoke cakes that are available to order through her website and via consultation.

Prior to approaching Bright Ideas Trust, Jessica had never applied for funding. She had been completing market research to ensure that there is a place for her brand and has also now attended a consultation with a marketing and PR company to ensure that her brand reaches its best before she places it on the market.