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Nick and Luke Ogden

The Business

High Six Media is a video production company that specialises in creating original music, fashion and sports content for some of the world’s most exciting brands.

Two heads are better than one

Being twins, having the same passion for film and doing very similar courses at university meant that it was no surprise when they decided to set up their own business together.

“When we were teenagers we were obsessed with skateboarding culture. We would constantly be making short films and trying new techniques, eventually coming to London to study similar degrees. During university we built contacts and gained the necessary experience in the industry as freelancers. Once we finished we scraped together the money we had earned and High Six Media was born.”

New heights

Although they were successfully trading, Nick and Luke realised that they needed funding to take it further. But, like all startups wanting investment the guys had to prove their desire to succeed.

“The guys at Bright Ideas Trust really put us through our paces in terms of proving that we were committed to the business. We had to prove that we had a viable business plan and that we could justify the funding we wanted. I’m really glad that it worked this way because it was supportive and constructive. We receive and still do receive invaluable mentoring which is worth its weight in gold!”

Low-carbon dreams

Having achieved so much success already, High Six Media is well on track to become an established brand in video production.

“Our aim is to push our creativity and the quality of our finished product, as well as increased marketing which has already helped us to attract big clients. It’s our dream over the next few years to grow the business and pay off our investment, eventually creating a low-carbon video production model that we can sell to our more socially responsible clients.”


  • Make sure you’re passionate about your idea.
  • Come up with key values that are important to you and the business.
  • Always have fun!


What have you got left to lose?

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