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Liboro and Patricia Lazarte


The Business

LOS Lighting Innovations focuses on creating more efficient and attractive lighting for homes and public spaces.

The early days

With Liboro’s background in engineering and Patricia’s background in commercial retailing, it made sense for them to start a business in something they were both passionate about – saving energy.

“I purchased LED products and converted my home lighting system into an LED one. After monitoring the results for six months – trialling different brands – I found Lumilife was the most effective and decided to start a business in essentially selling these.”



Developing a customer base

Realising the potential in providing LED lighting consultancy, they applied for a trade account with LED Hut and started selling in small quantities. However, they needed startup funding for online marketing to really get their business out there.

My biggest challenge was creating an effective marketing strategy. Being a technical person I found it hard to think creatively when it came to these things. This is when I connected with Bright Ideas Trust by applying through their site. After receiving a response we were booked a one to one straight away with Stephen Donovan, who helped us understand what we needed to do and how to achieve it.”


The future looks bright

Having successfully received funding in the form of a Start Up Loan, Liboro and Patricia have big plans for the future.

“In five years, I can see us as a major LED retailer (if not manufacturer) and we have added more products with Fibre Optic lighting and a big player in Solar lighting system. (Anyway, its free to make a dream) My dream for the business is to become a major player in lighting consultancy particularly in LED’s, Fibre Optic and Solar Lighting Systems.”


  • It’s cliché but always follow your passion.
  • Marketing is essential as there is no point in having the best product in the world if no one knows about it.
  • Entrepreneurial success takes time so remain patient – it’s a virtue after all.


What have you got left to lose?

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