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Marek Polak


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The Business

Code Effective LTD is a mobile app development company that has created an innovative shopping app called Repeto List.

Breaking free

After spending a lot of time working in the technology sector – and being frustrated by the lack of creativity – Marek decided that entrepreneurship was the only way he could really express himself.

“Although I enjoyed working in tech sector I felt like I was still missing something. That’s when I thought I should take the plunge in starting my own business – especially as I was reaching 40 and had always told myself that by that age I would definitely be an entrepreneur!”


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Developing the team

While Marek had the passion, insight and a great business idea, he still needed help to realise his dreams.

“I spent several months developing the idea, carrying out market research and calculating the costs involved. I realised that I needed help from an external developer and money to fund this. Luckily for me, Bright Ideas Trust believed in my vision and helped me with my business plan and financial forecast. After going the through this useful process I received my Start Up Loan and was on my way to where I wanted to be.”


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Finding the right team

Aiming to have a team of 20 in the near future, it wasn’t always easy for Marek to get people on board.

“Biggest challenge for me was finding the right team of people who shared my vision and resonate with the idea. It took persistence but after several attempts to talk to them, explain and convince I had people on board willing to develop the app with me.”


  • Find people who share the same vision as you – you can’t do everything yourself!
  • Always be willing to listen to constructive criticism.
  • Work hard but also play hard.