Liam Farquar


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The Business

T:issue uses sustainably sourced tissue packs to create an innovative advertising platform.

What to do?

After graduating with a degree in anthropology, Liam was left asking himself what to do next. Taking the opportunity, he travelled to Japan for a year where the idea for T:issue was born.

“Advertising on pocket tissue packs is a billion dollar industry in Japan and the US too. The way it works is that you give them away for free to consumers, ensuring the message is accepted and retained, reinforcing the message with each interaction. The ambition is to weave our tissue packs into people’s everyday commute – you pick up a free paper and tissue pack at the same.”


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Invaluable support

With his idea ready, Liam waited till he completed his masters in Entrepreneurship before setting up the business. It was then he came across Bright Ideas Trust after researching the founder of Kigu, another start up that Bright Ideas Trust funded.

“Securing a Start Up Loan has been great but it’s the support of David, my mentor, which has been truly invaluable. With Bright Ideas Trusts’ help I’ve established a solid sales arm of the company, driving growth and gaining exposure. As a result, T:issue has now partnered with Europe’s leading B2B sales company.”

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Grand expectations

Even with all the success, Liam, like other young entrepreneurs, has had to make difficult decisions.

“One of my biggest challenges was having a lack of experience. Starting out, you have grand expectations and think it’s all going to be great, unprepared for what can be a harsh reality. But, with time you gain experience and learn from mistakes.”


  • It’s a marathon, not a race.
  • Be prepared for the bad times – don’t squander your money.
  • Always seek to innovate.