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Allana Francis Ashmeil


Allana Francis-Ashmeil

Whilst studying to become a P.E teacher Allana landed herself the opportunity to work in the performing arts department at a secondary school in South London. Being a former student of Italia Conti Allana already had a huge love for the subject and quickly found herself leading her own solo project with 21 students. The project entitled The Block incorporated drama and dance. It was performed to a small studio audience and raised money for a youth charity Trail Blaizers. After all the positive feedback Allana received and seeing the positive effect the project had on the students who took part Allana decided to start STL London to reach out to more children and young people.

Making a difference


STL London is a motivational brand aimed to improve the lifestyle of children and young people. We pride ourselves on using different avenues to promote self-confidence and equip each child or young person with invaluable life tools that will help to have a positive impact on their future. We are always looking for different ways to improve all avenues of what we offer and find various ways to create new ones. Currently we run dance classes, showcases, a clothing line and charity events. Allana’s dreams for the company to grow within the next 5 years nationally enabling the company to work with more children and young people across the country.

The light bulb moment

Allana was told about Your Light bulb Moment by a family member and after going on BIT website and researching she decided to submit her business plan. She loved the event and was able to meet with other entrepreneurs as well as having a one to one meet with Tim Campbell and Margaret Mountford. Since receiving funding Allana has received constant support from her mentor including advice, information and events to help make her business successful.


The biggest challenge for Allana was patience. It is great when you have an idea and vision but you have to be ready to accept that things won’t happen overnight.

“No matter who you are, no matter where you’re from, Sky’s the limit!

  • Research thoroughly when starting your own business.
  • Don’t allow excitement to overshadow your judgement.
  • Dot your I’s and cross your t’s!


What have you got left to lose?

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