Bright Ideas Trust is a charity (charity number 1121480) which relies on donations and grants to carry out its vital work helping young people get their business ideas off the ground and creating employment opportunities.

  • We work with entrepreneurial and innovative businesses; often supporting their corporate social responsibility initiatives and helping them reach their own goals, through staff engagement programmes.
  • We also welcome support from philanthropic entrepreneurs, many who give their time and money to support our aims – a few even ‘sponsor’ a young business owner along the way.
  • Trusts and Foundations support the charity with project based funding.
  • We also generate a proportion of income through delivery of Start up Loans and bespoke training and consultancy services.
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 Bright Ideas is proud to be supported this year by: 



Plus a huge number of SME business owners.

Past supporters include

  • Bank of America
  • Southern Housing Group
  • London Stock Exchange 
  • Lewisham College
  • J.P. Morgan
  • Jargon PR
  • Buckinghamshire County College
  • The Beaverbrook Foundation

Why do you support Bright Ideas Trust?

What kind of support is most needed?

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To discuss how your organisation can work with Bright Ideas Trust to support our aims contact chief executive, Lisa Gagliani for a no obligation chat email

Bright Ideas Trust is underpinned by like-minded people who think there is another way. We want to incentivise young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) or those who are socially excluded to improve their own situation and that of the communities they live in. We’re not spoon-feeding them, we’re challenging them – and we need your experience to help them achieve what we believe they’re capable of.

In five years we have invested over £400K, created over 100 jobs and seen a success rate of over 75% compared to a national average of 12% ‒ so we must be doing something right!

Mentors – Can you make a difference?

Voluntary mentors are vital to help the new businesses prosper. As a mentor you will take a leading role in guiding and advising one of the businesses we support, based on your own experience as a successful business owner. We will ask you to meet regularly with the beneficiary to help them plan, execute and report on their business.

The minimum commitment is 12 months, and we are looking to you to add exceptional value to our beneficiaries by supporting them with strategic input, business contacts and operational capability.

It’s good to pass on knowledge, and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs will thrive on your experience.

If you’ve achieved success in business and have skills and experience to pass on, becoming a Bright Ideas Trust Mentor is an opportunity for you to give something back.

Advisors – Share your skills

Experts needed! Bright Ideas Trust Advisors are crucial in providing specialist skills and experience to help young people deal with the challenges they will come up against. This is ideal for you if you are not a business owner yourself, or if you would prefer a shorter term, more specific task related relationship.

Can you give time as a business advisor to our beneficiaries when they need help with problems and issues? Our advisors come from a variety of backgrounds either as part of a volunteering programme organised by their employer or simply as a private contribution.

We need employees of professional services practices, managers and employees of small and medium-sized firms and individuals with a minimum 2 years’ experience in their area of expertise to offer support on a planned and regular basis or at short notice on an ad hoc basis. We only ask for between 3 – 5 days spread over 12 months.


Bright Ideas Trust Partners have their ear to the ground and their eyes on the prize – assisting us to find young people aged 16 – 30 in London who have got what it takes to start their own business but need a helping hand.

How you can help

Bright Ideas Trust is currently made feasible through the valued contributions we receive from our supporters. This allows us to continue the crucial work we do providing innovative business support activities for young people not in education, employment or training (NEET) or those who are socially excluded and really need a chance.

To help us reach even more deserving young people who have the ideas but not the means, we really need financial support for the following:
• Donations towards our essential core operational costs
• Donations which will be used directly to invest in businesses started by the young people who we help through equity share