Since 2007, Bright Ideas Trust has helped over 250 businesses develop from dreams or ideas into commercial enterprises, generating revenues and incomes, providing employment, purpose, satisfaction and self-worth.

Bright Ideas Trust has helped people, of all ages, turn their skills, interests or hobbies into a means of paying their bills, and effectively changing their lives.

Many of the people or beneficiaries that we have approached Bright Ideas Trust have come from challenging circumstances.  Some have struggled at school with their academic studies or come from disadvantaged backgrounds where money was short or their personal circumstances were difficult.  Whilst they had the motivation to do their own thing, their knowledge of the steps and tasks involved in starting a business was limited and they required help in getting to the stage where trading could begin.

Co-founders Tim Campbell and Paul Humphries recognised that starting a business wasn’t easy, but there were plenty of people who would be prepared to give it a go if they knew there was help and support available, which is why they started Bright Ideas Trust.  Now, with the success of The Apprentice, Dragon’s Den and other high profile media events, there are many more prospective entrepreneurs interested in finding out if their dreams could become reality.

Bright Ideas Trust offers its help free of charge.  Over the years, it has built a reputation for providing support for those who most need it.  The Bright Ideas Trust’s portfolio of diverse businesses and inspiring life stories is testament to the value of the work the charity provides.


Why do you support Bright Ideas Trust?

Bright Ideas Trust acquires its income from generous sponsors and donors who want to help people into self-employment and enterprises.

The range of support provided by Bright Ideas Trust includes one-to-one advice and consultation, workshops and training and reaching out externally with events, presentations and roadshows. 

Being a small charity with a very small full time staff limits what can be achieved, but ‘never saying no’ unless it is really impossible has resulted in Bright Ideas Trust having a high profile and being continually in demand. 

To continue our work we need support and in return can provided high profile and access to this vital audience.