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Hope Mutongwizo

The Business

Vanilla Orchid Bakery creates luxury bespoke cakes for those that want a memorable experience.

 Baking over BAFTA

Although she was working as a senior production coordinator for BAFTA, Hope had a passion for baking that she wanted to use in starting a business.

“I really loved my work at BAFTA, but in the end I realised that I love baking more. So, I invested my own money and watched the demand for my cakes grow – creating a company that focused on building relationships with clients and encompassed the true essence of creating bespoke products.



Rising to the occasion

After hearing about the Bright Ideas Trust from her sister, Hope decided to apply for funding to grow her business.

“I filled out the online application and Stephan got in contact with me. I already had my business plan but I needed to create a cash flow forecast – receiving help to do this. I then progressed onto the next stage and came in to discuss my idea. Although I was nervous I brought in some sample cupcakes and realised it was a much friendlier process than I thought!”

Spreading the word

Creating a niche product has provided Hope with a strong USP, with big plans for the businesses future.

“Bright Ideas Trust has provided great support during Vanilla Orchid’s first year. It’s great that you can pick up the phone and celebrate a new contract or have your mentor to guide you when things haven’t gone as planned. In the next 5 years I want Vanilla Orchid Bakery to have tasting studios and tea rooms all over London. I’m also aiming to have various recipe books and baking products on the market.”


  • Always deliver on what you agreed on.
  • Know your product or service inside out.
  • Don’t be afraid of failure!


What have you got left to lose?

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