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Vins Extraordinaires

Vins Extraordinaires

The business

Vins Extraordinaires was founded by Stuart George in 2016 to enable fine and rare wines to be enjoyed by private and corporate clients. Having started his wine career 20 years ago working alongside the Master of Wine and former Christie’s Senior Consultant Anthony Hanson, Stuart has always appreciated and enjoyed fine wine.

After working in a variety of roles as a fine wine sector consultant, Stuart had long wanted to utilise his skills and experience on a larger platform – and take control of his own destiny…

Stuart found BIT online. He applied for a loan and my application was accepted but due to the lag in starting trading he did not draw on the loan. By the time Stuart started trading in December 2016 he had enough capital not to have to borrow anything.

Long term focus

But Stuart has continued to attend BIT events and take advice.

“It’s taken me a long time (three years) to find the right concept and model. But I am now pushing ahead with a pop-up fine wine bar and a private and corporate fine wine events business.

If I do borrow money, it will be invested in marketing and stock.

I intend to keep popping-up on an ad hoc and occasional basis – it’s tricky to find the right partner venues – and to push the marketing and PR for the events side. I’d like to scale it up across the UK with suitable partners/collaborators and to investigate overseas possibilities, principally in “emerging” economies where I have some contacts – notably India and China.”

Wise words!

“The biggest challenge was finding a venue in which to pop-up and do it on the right terms. I found somewhere and it all looked good but when it came to the venue owners to deliver on their side of things they were useless… Because they “couldn’t be bothered” (that’s a verbatim quote) as soon as they had to do some proper work I ended up losing a not insignificant amount of money. Nonetheless, it got the ball rolling and the feedback for the all too brief pop-up was very positive.”

“I’d advise on being diligent; make sure that you have enough money to live on; treat customers and suppliers with respect and integrity; don’t compromise on quality or on your terms of business. “

“Bright Ideas Trust has been a constant source of help and inspiration. Being an entrepreneur can sometimes be a lonely and difficult life so it’s invaluable to have somebody to talk to who can always give sensible advice and support.”


What have you got left to lose?

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